Villanova Bracketology: Where Will The Wildcats Be Seeded On Selection Sunday?

Like I'm sure the rest of you feel, it's getting very hard for me to keep my hopes up regarding this Villanova Wildcats basketball team. It's truly difficult to watch a team that has just completely lost confidence in itself. How could we possibly right this ship this late in the year?

Well, that's kind of the beauty of March Madness. ANYONE can win on any given night. I almost feel like I've flipped personas and now have to take on the 'us against the world' mentality heading into the NCAA Tournament. And that's extremely difficult to do when you've been a Top-15 program for the better part of the last 4-5 years. 

So it's time to start thinking about what our seeding will look like on Selection Sunday, because that's going to have a huge impact on how we fare. The wrong matchup (which at this point looks like just about anybody) and we're toast. But if we get a good bracket, who knows. We might just win a couple.

Let's take a look around the interwebz at the latest versions of Bracketology and discuss our resume, and take a look at what we think is the best matchup.

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ESPN Bracketology with Joe Lunardi

Villanova is listed as a 6-seed in the Southwest Region, with their first round matchup coming against Butler. Their second round opponents would be either San Diego St. or Coastal Carolina (who actually lost to UNC-Ashville in their conference tournament).

NCAA Tournament Bracketology with Jerry Palm

Palm has Villanova slated as 7-seed with a first round matchup against Richmond in Charlotte as part of the East Region. Their second round opponent would be #2-seed Duke, in a rematch of their Sweet 16 matchup from 2009.

2011 Bracketology with Chris Dobbertean

Villanova is a 6-seed in the East Region, and would play St. Mary's in the 1st round in Tulsa, with #3 Texas as their likely second round opponent.

To give some context, let's just say that these 3 attempts are all very good. I went through each and I don't really see anything that jumps out at me. With how Villanova has been crapping the bed, they're definitely on the 6/7 line. It's going to come down to how they perform this week in New York, and how other teams fare in their conference tournaments.

I think we'd probably all agree that Joe Lunardi's scenario is probably the most desirable. SDSU is very very good, but they are probably the weakest second-round matchup we could hope for at this point.

That potential first-round matchup with St. Mary's made my skin crawl when I read that. I don't want to see them ever again after last year's disaster in Providence. Part of me wants revenge, but I don't know if this team is capable of that the way they are playing right now.

If we're going to solidify ourselves on the 6-line (something that we desperately need by the way), I think we need to win two games in New York City this week, starting with the South Florida Bulls on Tuesday night. If we win that, we'll take on the Cincinnati Bearcats on Wednesday night, which is another winnable game for this team.

God willing we get to Thursday, and we'd face Notre Dame. While they absolutely destroyed us in South Bend, they aren't going to hit 20 3-pointers again. We have a chance in that one so long as lightning doesn't strike twice.

If we win 3 games, I could see us moving back up to the 5-line. The problem is, I don't think anyone right now can honestly say we're going to win 3 games, much less 2 based on the product that is currently on display for all to see.

That's as good a transition as I'll get to discussing the unthinkable. What if we lose tomorrow night? Are we still a 7-seed? Are we an 8-seed? A 9-seed even? I don't know the answer to that question because I don't think anyone has really thought about that yet. I wouldn't bump us lower than an 8 if that were to happen, but it is certainly an interesting question.

What do you think? Can we lock down a spot on the 6-line? Can we do more? What if we lose tomorrow?

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