Early Grades

Many people say that you can't really judge a baseball team until they are 30 games or 20% into the season. The Cats are now at that 20% mark, and I think we can give some early grades to the team and the program. The early part of the season looked promising with gritty wins against Marshall and Purdue, however the team seems to be losing ball discipline and the shooting has gone into a funk. I will start with the players.

Ryan Arch - Grade (B) This kid has a lot of heart, but seems to be lacking coaching. He is a good defender but like all freshmen he can get out of control.

JV Pinkston - Grade (B+) He has really worked on his conditioning and game. He needs to learn to be bigger under the basket and not get blocked so much. Needs more playing time.

Mouphtaou Yarou - Grade (D-) I hate to say it , but this guy hasn't improved at all since his sophomore year. This can probably be pinned on poor coaching and the lack of another decent big man to threaten his playing time. Mouph disappears for entire games, sometimes multiple games back to back.

James Bell - Grade (C-) Has shown some marginal improvement, but still takes too many dumb fouls.

Darrun Hilliard - Grade (C-) Has shown good improvement and confidence, but he disappears for long stretches during the game. Darrun should be a lot better than he is, given his athletic ability.

Maurice Sutton - Grade (C) Solid bench player, but needs to stay away from the dumb fouls. Needs to pay attention under the basket and not drop so many passes.

Daniel Ochefu - Grade(B) Good looking freshmen, hopefully a different head basketball coach can make him better than Yarou.

Achraf Yacoubou - Grade (F-) Simply not a DIV I player. Cannot make wide open 3 pointers, or handle the ball.

Tony Chennault - Grade (F-) How did this guy start, let alone even earn a scholarship to Wake Forest? He contributes nothing defensively or offensively. Big waste of a roster spot.

Mislav Brzoja - Grade (unknown) - Can we see this guy for more than 30 seconds per game?

Jay Wright - Grade (F-) - Jay is a nice man, but he needs to go ASAP. The so called "top recruits" he brings in are failing to improve year over year, which is a clear reflection of his coaching. He can no longer manage the tempo of a game either. He doesn't have a feel for who to put in the game at the right time or when to call a time out. The recruiting is also starting to suffer, Nova is now only drawing from the bottom half of the top 100.

The administration - Grade (F-) - Zero leadership, zero vision, zero strategy, zero fill in the blank. This administration has focused more on making TV commercials than on ensuring that Villanova Athletics remain on the relevant grid.

Villanova needs to start bailing the water on this sinking ship fast. The university administration and AD should be immediately replaced. A big time AD should come in, and hire a big time NBA coach to replace Wright. At the same time we should take the football program DIV I immediately. These moves can show someone like the ACC that Villanova is serious, and possibly earn Villanova a ticket off of the sinking Big East Ship.

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