Curtis Sumpter Post The-BALL Interview

As the game came to a close at The-BALL Showcase Sunday at St. Joe's, so did the career of former Villanova standout, Curtis Sumpter. Sumpter spoke with after the game and reflected on the game, the future, and his career as a Villanova Wildcat.Sumpter-300x400_medium

About The-BALL Showcase game...

This game tonight wasn't about scoring; I was just trying to come out here and coach. It was a transition game for myself so I didn't really have anything to prove. I wanted to leave it up to these guys who are still playing professionally, still have a lot of basketball in them. I played my last game months ago, but for the most part I wanted to come out here and be behind the league and show my support.

What it was like being coached by former ‘Nova star Alvin Williams

It was great; Alvin has always been a mentor to me, him and Coach Haines. I've been watching those guys as men, as basketball players, as coaches as far as transitioning from basketball players to coaches. It means a lot to me and I want to follow in their footsteps.

How he came to his decision to retire...

My decision came back in late November, when the NBA lockout was over. I got a call from the Toronto Raptors to come up there and they had a spot for me but I couldn't pass a physical with my knee. I was really rolling at the time and once I got up there and that was the reason they gave me that I couldn't make the team, it wasn't that you couldn't play, but health-wise I knew it was time to lace ‘em up and put them down and think about life after basketball.

On the next step, coaching...

Right now I've just been spending a lot of time at Villanova to learn, try to learn that side of the business. I'm just anxious. I want to take this next year to learn as much as I can. I think I'll have a pretty solid decision after this year whether I want to go into coaching or not. I think I need to see that side of basketball for at least a year before I make a solid decision.

What he can take away from his basketball career...

I enjoyed it. I got a chance to see the world and I met a lot of great people. I went to an unbelievable school and got my degree and on my way to a second degree. I would say it was pretty successful; we can't all make it to the NBA. Basketball has brought me so much. My family has seen so many things that they would've never gotten a chance to see. I'm just thankful (and) I thank God. I'm 28, it's unfortunate that it (my career) has to come to an end so early but I'm happy with it, I'm satisfied.

We look forward to whatever Curtis Sumpter has in store for him in the future. To view the entire box score from Sunday's game follow the link below

The-BALL Box Score

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