Villanova Basketball Preview 2013: Daniel Ochefu


As we creep closer to the exhibition game vs. West Chester, we will be previewing the roster on a player-by-player basis. Next up is the Sophomore big man.

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

High School: Downingtown East

Height: 6'11"

Weight: 245

2012-13 Stat Line

594 45 98 45.9% 0 2 0% 29 60 48.3% 4.1 0.6 0.7 0.7 2.0 1.2 3.5

Daniel Ochefu came to Villanova after playing prep basketball at the Westtown School and came in ranked at 54th on ESPNU's list of Top 100 players. Last season, the 6'11" sophomore served as the primary understudy to Mouphtaou Yarou, appearing in all 34 games and averaging 4.1 rebounds and 3.5 ppg in 17.5 minutes per game.

The Villanova big man will be a key player in his sophomore season, with the primary responsibilities of manning the low post and giving the Wildcats a presence on the inside that their otherwise-small line-up may not be able to provide. The small-ball Wildcats will start just one true inside player, while working on the perimeter to get things done.

Ochefu will be expected to pull down rebounds and provide a defensive presence for Nova, but his offensive output may not be terribly important. That said, with his minutes set to just-about double this season, he should be able to improve on last season's cumulative statistics.

Best Case Scenario: Ochefu learns to shoot free-throws and turns enough of his rebounds into scoring plays to become a true offensive threat for the Wildcats. His defense and rebounding help slow the efforts of bigger front courts around the NCAA, and the coaches can gloat about their big's development.

Worst Case Scenario: Struggles at the charity stripe continue into year-two, while the guards-first offensive style doesn't seem to mesh with a big forward in the paint. Ochefu gets some points, but never breaks out into superstar status as he'd hoped.


The Wisdom of Crowds Returns

We are pleased to bring back our Wisdom of Crowds experiment for the 2013-2014 season. In this series, we ask that you consider the points raised in our player preview and your own personal insights and instincts to predict the points per game each scholarship player on the roster we score in the upcoming season.

What do you think the upcoming season holds for Daniel? Use the voting buttons below to predict the points per game you think he will score this year. We'd love to understand your thinking, so try to post a comment to tell us how you arrived at your prediction.

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