The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly vs Towson

Once again, Villanova played exceptionally well, improving to 3-0 with a victory over Towson. The Tigers never lead in the game, as Villanova started off on a 14-2 run and never looked back. The 'Cats are now knocking on the door of the top 25.

The Good

The ball movement in this victory was exceptional. This team has tremendous chemistry already, something they didn't have in years past. On one possession in particular, the team passed up maybe 6 good shots, to get that one great shot. The only negative, was that it was probably one pass too many, as that possession ended in a turnover. I would have loved to see them execute that and get a shot up, but I was thrilled with the ball movement. Both Ryan Arcidiacono and Tony Chennault controlled the offense in the victory. Arch dished out 3 assists and took good timely shots. Tony recorded a career high 7 assists. Neither of them turned the ball over. They are being more careful with the basketball this year.

The Wildcats used half and three quarter court traps, forcing 24 Towson turnovers. They effectively trapped at the perfect time, pressuring Towson into making some bad decisions. Towson came in only turning the ball over 12 times per contest.

"They're a very good team, especially in the half-court," stated Wright. "We wanted to try to keep them from getting into a flow. We were able to force some turnovers and disrupt them."

The 'Cats shut down Towson. The Tigers came into the day shooting 47% from the field and 42% from 3. As we all know, Villanova has struggled defending the 3. It was a different story on Sunday. Towson shot 2-17 (12%) from 3 and just 31% from the field. It was an all around game for the defense.

It looks like James "Tahj" Bell is finally reaching his potentially. The '6,6'' senior played 22 minutes, scoring 20 points and 4 rebounds. He had a highlight reel play, where he corralled a Josh Hart miss and slammed it home. We should be seeing that on SportsCenter this week along with his reverse alley oop vs Mount. St. Mary's. It looks that he has made huge strides from his junior to senior year. He can do it all. Jay Wright is thrilled that Bell is being a "Villanova senior."

"(James) is a Villanova senior and if you've been at this school for four years and have been in this program, whether I'm the coach or Steve Lappas or Coach (Rollie) Massimino, guys that are seniors in this program are ready to be leaders and great players," noted Wright. "It's part of being on this campus for four years. That's what he is - a leader.

"He's not worried about scoring at all and that's when you score. If you're a good player and you just worry about playing the right way, you score. And he's a good player. He plays the right way and it just happens."

The Bad

You could look at this 2 different ways. Part of me wanted to put Daniel Ochefu in the "good" category because of how well he played defensively, but his bad offensive play made me move him down to the "bad" category. Defensively he had 4 blocks and 8 rebounds in 23 minutes of play. His teammates know if they get beat off the dribble, Ochefu will be there to help and disrupt the shot. However, offensively, it was still another mystery for the '6,11'' sophomore. Ochefu shot just 2-10 from the field. He took a couple mid range jump-shots (0-2), something we haven't seen in the past, and didn't look good when he had his opportunity to back his man down and finish at the rim. Ochefu's role at THIS point in his career, might just be to rebound and effect shots.

The Ugly

None. Enjoy the Victory. Go Cats!

Villanova takes on Delaware on Friday, November 22nd

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