The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for December 17, 2013

Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring the #narrative, a new women's soccer coach, and pregame jello shots.

Happy Tuesday, 'Nova Nation! I know they call this the most wonderful time of the year, but I must take issue with Andy Williams on this one, who clearly wasn't a college basketball fan. Dealing with off-nights for Villanova is easy enough when there's other basketball to watch.

But when I'm subjected to a complete lack of BIG EAST action, and only Duke vs. Gardner Webb on the television, well, that's when my thoughts get weird. I spent the better part of last night creating a list of Syracuse players I'd most like to see trip and fall in public.

(Okay, that list was pretty fun).

And now, the "news."

The accepted narrative is that Villanova lacks size |
Seth Davis getting some words in on the #narrative. The only #narrative, for me anyways, that rings true is how Tony Romo can't get it done in the 4th quarter. Speaking of which, how did the NFC East get this bad, this fast?

Fran Kulas is the new Women's Soccer Head Coach | Villanova University Official Athletic Site
The Vince announced the hiring of Fran Kulas as the new head coach of the Wildcat women's soccer program. Kulas replaces John Byford who resigned in November after six seasons on the Main Line.

Terrence Mahon Back in the US, heading up BAA High Performance Elite | Villanova Running
The former Villanova All-American is back from the UK and is going to coach the Boston Athletic Association's Elite group of runners. Very cool news!

Thefts Adding Up at Villanova Field House | Radnor, PA Patch
I've already made the AJ Price and Marcus Williams joke on here. Dammit! Anyways, the thefts continue inside Jake Nevin, and either this is an inside job, or some staffer was really stupid and lost their keys.

Poll Attacks: Not all records are created equal, you know? |
This week's contestant is the man who did not rank the Kansas Jayhawks on his ballot. Solid reasoning by Gary Parrish behind this one too.

Qatar Chronicles: Part I, Destination everywhere |
LONGFORM ALERT! David Roth traveled to Qatar for a closer look at the World Cup's future home. Here is Part 1 of his findings.

JELL-O introduces college molds for Michigan, Texas, Arkansas, Florida | GameDayr
There are now trademark moldings for four of the nation's biggest college football brands - so naturally these are going to be a huge success on the market via the pregame jello shot routine. Will we see a \\V// mold at any point?

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