Villanova takes advantage of poor DePaul defense for 94-71 blowout win


Editor's note: Ryan Irwin takes a different approach to this recap. Crowdsourcing is the future, he said, so we let him run with it, just like DePaul let Villanova run past their defense all night.

[Box Score]

Villanova scored 51 points in the second half against a DePaul defense in matador mode to cruise to a 23 point victory, 94-71 over the DePaul Blue Demons.

Well I’m going to come right out and say it. I didn’t watch this game. I was at the Pavilion, playing in the band, watching the Lady Cats go toe to toe with the second best team in the country. No, I’m serious. ‘Nova hit a three to bring the game within two with about four minutes left in the game. Unfortunately Notre Dame did what it does and pulled away to win by seven.

With all that said, let’s look at the final…’Nova won by 23 points? Well, the game must never have been in doubt…it was tied at half? How long has it been since a Villanova team had a half like they did in the second half? Six players in double figures, Arch had 23. Feels good.

I don’t have any special analysis, so let’s crowd source this game with quotes from the game thread.

VUHoops commenter Jim Dribbleless said: "DePaul’s defense is a joke. You just drive at it and it falls down. Second half we drove to the bucket. Nova is playing good and DePaul is gassed they went overtime against Notre Dame and played hard."

VUHoops commenter Claude Savagely asked: "Wow. What'd Jay say to these guys at the half?!"

VUHoops commenter Chill Cat said: "Like hitting it well at the driving range...Wish they saved a few for the friars"

So there you have it*, Villanova had a ridiculous second half to put away DePaul for a gratifying 20 point victory.

*For those of you that absolutely need or want stats from the game, Villanova shot 60 percent from the field, 55 percent from three, and collected 28 boards. DePaul shot 45 percent from the field and grabbed 26 boards. Cleveland Melvin led DePaul with 19 points. Ryan Arcidiacono had 23 points for the Wildcats.

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