Donations to the Randy Foye Foundation Make a Difference

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Dearest Reader, once a year we ask you to open up your hearts and consider opening up your wallet in donating to the Randy Foye Foundation.


We offer VUhoops as a resource and a social gathering forum at no charge. How much is worth to you? Would you pay $100 a year? Would you pay a dime a day? $1 a week during basketball season? A penny for each comment you make?

—Donate Now—

How about a Pledge to the Randy Foye Foundation? $25 for each Villanova win in the NCAA Tournament? Or $1 for each Wildcat assist? 25 cents for each 'Nova point?

—Donate Now—

There is no way to sugar coat this: The donations from VUhoops readers MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

What's unique about the Randy Foye Foundation compared with other organizations is how they are able to put a real role model in front of these kids who physically walked in their shoes and made it in life.

While the RFF doesn't push them toward any particular path that Randy took (i.e. don't stress basketball, but rather academics, leadership, character, citizenship, service and being a well-rounded individual), RFF kids do get to visit Villanova annually and it's awesome.

—Donate Now—

The kids get a tour from a Blue Key Society student, get shown a video about Villanova in admissions office, eat in a dining hall, see inside classrooms, etc. For most of them it's their first time on a college campus and by the time we leave, they all want to go to Villanova. They see college as a viable place for them to end up now that they've made the physical connection.

By supporting the blogathon YOU help the Randy Foye Foundation to fund ways to give kids successful opportunities, whether it's through materials they purchase for the mentoring program, trips that they go on, or things they fund at the students' school to help them build an atmosphere of pride and positive learning. You can even get a t-shirt.

What are you waiting for? —Donate Now—

Any donation is appreciated and accepted, but at some levels a gift can be sent.


  • $25 donation – "I’m on Randy’s Team" t-shirt
  • $100 donation – 8×10 autographed photo of Randy Foye and t-shirt
  • $250 donation – autographed basketball by Randy Foye, 8×10 photo

2013 RFF Blogathon Kick-off

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