Villanova Schedule at the Penn Relays


The 119th Penn Relays, the US's largest and oldest track & field competition in the United States, starts Thursday on the University of Pennsylvania's campus at Franklin Field. Men's coach Marcus O'Sullivan and Gina Procaccio for the women are still sorting out their lineups in preparation of the meet.

Last year, Christie Verdier, Sheila Reid, Nicky Akande, and Emily Lipari won the Distance Medley Relay's Championship of America for Villanova; out of that foursome, Akande and Lipari return this season.

In total, Villanova has claimed 118 Relay Championships, has 24 Wall of Fame inductees, and have been named "Athlete of the Meet" 19 times.

If you're heading to Center City to take in some track & field, tickets are still available. Here is your 2013 Villanova Schedule...

Event Event# Day & Time Athlete/Team#
College Women's 400m Hurdles Championship EVENT 101 Thursday 4/25, 10:00a Faith Dismuke (19)
College Women's High Jump College EVENT 601 Thursday 4/25, 10:00a Samantha Yeats (46)
College Women's Pole Vault College EVENT 603 Thursday 4/25, 10:00a Kathleen McPhillips (24), Abigail Nolte (29), Virginia LaMacchia (45)
College Women's Javelin Throw Championship EVENT 614 Thursday 4/25, 2:00p Jamie Klein (9)
College Women's Pole Vault Championship EVENT 618 Thursday 4/25, 3:00p Alexander Wasik (11)
College Women's Distance Medley Championship of America EVENT 159 Thursday 4/25, 5:25p Team AA
College Women's 4x400 Heats EVENT 164 Thursday 4/25, 6:20p Team BV
College Women's 3000m Championship EVENT 207 Thursday 4/25, 8:30p Summer Cook (12)
College Men's High Jump Eastern EVENT 702 Friday 4/26, 10:00a Elbert Maxwell (56)
College Women's Triple Jump Eastern EVENT 708 Friday 4/26, 11:00a Anne Yahiro (60)
College Women's 4x1500 Championship of America EVENT 338 Friday 4/26, 1:10p Team C
College Men's Distance Medley Championship of America EVENT 345 Friday 4/26, 2:25p Team AF
College Men's Pole Vault Eastern EVENT 718 Friday 4/26, 3:00p Charles Kido (58), Chris Dougherty (66)
College Men's Long Jump Eastern EVENT 720 Friday 4/26, 3:30p Elbert Maxwell (41), Lazaro Tiant (68)
College Women's 100m Hurdles Heats EVENT 351 Friday 4/26, 4:00p Emerald Walden (26)
College Men's 4x400 Heats EVENT 363 Friday 4/26, 4:15p Team BG
College Men's Sprint Medley Championship of America EVENT 377 Friday 4/26, 6:25p Team BF
College Men's 4xMile Championship of America EVENT 459 Saturday 4/27, 12:45p Team F
College Men's 4x800 Championship of America EVENT 488 Saturday 4/27, 4:40p Team AD
College Women's 4x800 Championship of America EVENT 486 Saturday 4/27, 4:10p Team AD

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