September 11, 2001: Remembering Dave Bauer

On the anniversary of the terrorist attacks that took down the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon, we remember the Villanovans who were lost.

Dave Bauer, a 1978 Villanova graduate, was supposed to head back to campus to be inducted into Villanova's Varsity Club Hall of Fame in November 2001. The former Villanova football player and Cantor Fitzgerald employee was working at the top of the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001, however. He was one of fifteen alumni that were lost prematurely that day.

On the gridiron, Bauer started at defensive back under coach Dick Bedesem and handled the kickoff and punt return duties for the Wildcats as well. He led the team in interceptions as a sophomore (1975) with four pick-offs and totalled 67 interception return yards -- he grabbed 10 interceptions in his career at 'Nova. As a junior, he became the team's punter as well, averaging 35.6 yards per punt.

His teammates nicknamed him "Superman," for his ability to grab "bullet" passes from the Wildcats' quarterback with just his right -- or left -- hand.

Bauer graduated with a degree in business administration, and was a founding member of the Villanova Financial Club. He headed off to New York after receiving his degree, first for a short stint as a linebacker with the New York Giants, and then to launch a career that took him to the top of Manhattan, as head of global sales for eSpeed, a Cantor Fitzgerald subsidiary that provided infrastructure for the fixed-income markets.

The New Jersey native lived in Rumson, New Jersey with his wife Ginny and three children, David, Steve and Jackie, and was active in the local community, serving on the board of Family and Children's Services, and honored with the Helen Hoffman Award for Community Service.

He also remained physically active throughout his short life, completing a triathlon the weekend of September 9th. he also continued to play basketball and volleyball.

Bauer was just one of the fifteen members of the Villanova family who were lost far too early on that day. The teammates, fans and community on the Main Line will always remember him as the "jack of all trades" who gave everything he could to his team and the Villanova community.

On this day, we remember all of the members of the Villanova family who were lost in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001:

  • W. David Bauer, '78 C&F
  • James P. Berger, '78 C&F
  • Dennis Michael Cook, '90 A&S
  • Jeannine Damiani Jones, '94 C&F
  • Christopher M. Dincuff, '92 C&F
  • Jeffrey Mark Dingle, '90 C&F
  • Christopher M. Duffy, '00 C&F
  • William F. Fallon, '70 A&S
  • Peter Gelinas, '90 C&F
  • Michael Gould, '94 C&F
  • Amy Jarret, '94 C&F
  • Jennifer Lynn Kane, '97 C&F
  • Danielle Kousoulis, '93 C&F
  • Kaaria Mbaya, '86 U.C.
  • Matthew Vianna, '00 C&F
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