NCAA National Championships won by BIG EAST Schools


In the third round of Vince Nicastro's answer to the #AskTheAD series he addressed the importance of Conference and NCAA Tournaments for the non-revenue sports.

It is well known that Big East 2.0 is geared toward Men's & Women's Basketball, but the reality is that the conference will also support 22 championships in the following events...

  • Basketball (M/W)
  • Baseball
  • X-Country (M/W)
  • Indoor Track & Field (M/W)
  • Outdoor Track & Field (M/W)
  • Field Hockey (W)
  • Golf (M/W)
  • Lacrosse (M/W)
  • Soccer (M/W)
  • Softball
  • Swimming & Diving (M/W)
  • Tennis (M/W)
  • Volleyball (W)
This prompted some research of how the 10 Big East schools have done at NCAA Championships.

School NCAA Team NCAA Individual
Villanova 19 118
Georgetown 2 22
St. John's 2 21
Providence 1 15
Marquette 1 13
Seton Hall 0 9
Butler 0 7
Xavier 0 1
DePaul 0 1
Creighton 0 0

No one needs to be reminded of the Basketball & Football Championships, but throw in 13 Cross Country titles (9 by the women, 4 by the men), 3 Men's Indoor Track titles, and a Men's Outdoor Track & Field Championship and Villanova has more than three-times the NCAA Team National Championships than the nine other schools combined.

Interesting Notes...

  • 19 of St. John's individual titles are in Fencing
  • Xavier's lone NCAA Championship came in Rifle
  • DePaul's lone NCAA Championship came in Men's Indoor Track
  • Providence's NCAA Team Championship came in Women's Cross Country
  • Butler's 7 Individual Championships are in Outdoor Track; 6 of them by Men
  • Marquette's 13 Individual Championships are all from Men's Outdoor Track
  • Seton Hall's Individual Championships come from a mix of Men's & Women's Indoor & Outdoor Track
So what do you think about this imbalance in NCAA Championships on the National level?
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