The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for January 13, 2014

Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring Josh Hart's rise, winning AND learning, and missed opportunities for the Big East.

Happy Monday, VU Hoopsters! Lost in all the hoopla of the schedule being released every year is the week-long layoffs that seem to happen 2-3 times a season. Well, we're in one of them again. And what's waiting at the other end? DePaul. What shall we do all week?

At least it's a home game?

And now, the "news."

For Villanova,the learning and winning continue | College ChalkTalk
No matter what happens, Villanova just goes back to practice, according to Jay Wright. That attitude seems to be the major reason why Villanova is posting dominant final margins of victory, and improving on the little problems that plague them from game to game.

Josh Hart joins the top freshman conversation | ESPN ($)
He's not going to win National Freshman of the Year because frankly, Jabari Parker or Tyler Ennis deserves it way more - but Hart may not be so under the radar anymore. 7 straight games scoring in double figures on a loaded team will do that.

The Big East "missed some opportunities" according to Jay Wright | USA TODAY
Wright sat down for an interview with Nicole Auerbach of USA TODAY to talk about the new Big East making a splash, how everything has fallen into place at 'Nova, and the peaks and valleys of his Villanova career. A good read, for sure.

Mikal Bridges length is a game changer | YouTube

Iowa knocks off Ohio St. on the road | Black Heart Gold Pants
FINALLY, the big win the Hawkeyes were looking for. And what do you know? They help us two-fold: raising our RPI profile with their own win AND likely knocking the Buckeyes below us in the polls. Thank you, Iowa!

Is something wrong with Duke? |
Yeah, it's Dook. Next question.

Mississippi St. coach Rick Ray can dance | For Whom the Cowbell Tolls
Could you even imagine Jay Wright dancing? Oh wait....


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