2013: VU Hoops in Review


With a flip of the page to 2014, let's take a look back at VU Hoops in 2013...


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10. FBS board produces a formal proposal to split Division I down football lines. Brian takes a look at a proposal that would effectively relegate non-FBS schools.

9. FanPost: Must-Haves for a new Villanova Basketball Stadium. NovaRaptor entertains us with the true needs of a new arena for Villanova Basketball.

8. Battle 4 Atlantis: Kansas Primer & Preview. The #2 Jayhawks won. The Wildcats won. It set up an exciting opportunity for Villanova to make a mark on the 2013-14 season.

7. April 1: New Big East to sponsor FCS Football; UConn considers joining. Just look at the date.

6. FanPost: Color Commentary: Suggestions for Taking the Villanova Student Section to the Next Level. NovaRaptor is back at it again; this time examining the student fans.

5. Dear Villanova Bench, you are my Spirit Animal. Oh #BenchMob, you make me smile.

4. FanPost: Color Commentary: An Arrogant Villanovan's Guide to the Big 5. NovaRaptor appropriately times this FanPost for the Big 5 games against Penn, La Salle, and St. Joe's (PA).

3. 2014 Big East Basketball Schedule Released.Fans of the new Big East were anxiously awaiting to see how the Round Robin, Home & Away Schedule would look.

2. 2013 Big East Tournament Bracket Finalized. There was a lot of caution entering the post-season for Villanova. Did they need a win in the Conference Tournament to secure a spot in the field of 64+?

1. #BenchMob: Villanova's Walk-on Superstars. In a story & meme that has been picked up by BuzzFeed, CBS, and others, we begin a catalog of the actions of the Villanova Bench.

The mothership should have some more stats for us today.

What was your favorite VU Hoops moment of 2013?

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