The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for March 14, 2014

Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring the rise of the 'Nova haters, Arch's development & drive, and #MarchMadness.

Today is a good day. I refuse to be swallowed by the pit of despair that creeps around me every time that Villanova loses a game. Save that for the offseason. Now Jay gets to bring our boys home, tell them that nobody respects them and they come out and destroy some poor mid-major team at the end of next week.

You and I will be laughing about this in 7 days. Trust me on that one.

And now, the "news."

Justice served for NCAA tourney as Villanova knocked off the No. 1 line |
Here's your monthly reminder that Matt Norlander is Public Enemy #1. It's incredible that CBS can find great writers like Jeff Borzello and Gary Parrish, and then employ a person who would write something like this, seemingly to validate his own preseason opinion that Villanova isn't good. Norlander, Villanova is 28 and f*cking 4. Get over it.

Seton Hall’s upset a reminder that Villanova is a risky Final Four pick | |
H/T to reader Brendan Dwyer for this one. Some interesting stats inside. However, it's almost silly of Luke Winn to point out that 4-5 areas that Villanova's offense went cold both inside, outside, and at the FT line on the same day, and THAT is what makes them a risky pick. Show me a team that goes cold in all areas offensively and can still win all the time.

Villanova benefitting from Arcidiacono's evolution | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Ryan Arcidiacono is shooting less, shooting better and scoring less. It’s all part of his evolution as a college basketball player, and Villanova’s evolution as one of the country’s top teams.

Family drives Arcidiacono's competitiveness |
Whether it's diving over a courtside table, bumping heads with a teammate in a scramble for a loose ball, or getting run over while taking a charge, Ryan Arcidiacono never gives a second thought about sacrificing his body during a Villanova basketball game, no matter the score.

Villanova probably blew it's chance at a 1-seed | ESPN
With Kansas beating Oklahoma St. in OT, that's probably true. Nobody is happier than the worldwide leaders in conference killing.

Video: Villanova Loses and at Least I Didn’t Punch a Hole in My Wall | Crossing Broad
I love this, and I feel like I should now add this to our postgame repertoire. I threw my phone into the sand yesterday, if you were wondering what actually happened.

Impossible bounce makes for unmissable halfcourt buzzer-beater |
We've never seen anything quite like this. Absolute madness. On the other hand, you should not be rewarded for clearly missing the hoop that badly.

Creighton's Devin Brooks with the pass so bad, it became the best pass ever |
Screw these guys.

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