Closest to the Pin Round 12 (FINAL ROUND) -- Georgetown

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PacADAM earned no points in this round, but had enough in the tank with wins in the Syracuse and Creighton games and a second place finish in the St. John's game to win the contest with 13 points and a $50 gift certificate. Special mention for Kantcant, who earned 3 points in this round and finished in second place. Villanovakevin14 takes third place. Thanks to all who played. Go Cats!


RESULTS:  With the Cats win over Marquette, 77-59, we congratulate six VUHoops readers who earned points in this round.

  1. Terchmil (Nova 73, Hoyas 59) awarded 5 points
  2. Kantcant (Nova 72, Hoyas 60) awarded 3 points
  3. NewIsAlwaysBetter (Nova 73, Hoyas 61) awarded 3 points
  4. PokerChris (Nova 82, Hoyas 60) awarded 3 points
  5. Rick Stevens (Nova 75, Hoyas 63) awarded 3 points
  6. Nova'85 (Nova 77, Hoyas 66) awarded 1 point

VUHOOPS vs. VEGAS:  Based on the average predicted scores of the VUHoops Crowd and the posted Vegas line, we would not have bet the spread,  but would have bet the OVER (LOSS).  Over twelve rounds, we would have won $200.


Player Points
pacAdam 13
Kantcant 11
villanovakevin14 9
jnmurf16 8
NovaEngineer 8
Jack The Tripper 6
jwscones 6
NewIsAlwaysBetter 6
NovaDave 6
novanation63 6
BosshogHazzard 5
Gkaram01 5
Mike J 5
Original Honey Badger 5
ryanshock24 5
schitzengigles10 5
speedracer33 5
Terchmil 5
trevor.pleasant 5
Villanovafan152 5
kevin.pulsifer 4
Nova'85 4
sjkqw 4
Ed Dechellis 3
efgvu1977 3
novAbrasion 3
PokerChris 3
Rick Stevens 3
StephDon 3
Steve 92 3
Wildecat15 3
youngBUCK 3
Corollary 2
BrendanColliton 1
Brian Ewart 1
Ed Donohue 1
Lahey 1
Novabrasion2 1
Ryan Boggio 1
tk1434 1
Wildcat91 1
willyannan 1
Zachary Rahn 1

UPDATE (March 8, 2:00 PM, Tip-Off) ... Here's how the VUHoops Crowd sees this one:

# Reader Predictions: 26

% Picking Cats to Win: 92%

Wisdom of VUHoops' Crowd Prediction:

o   Spread: Villanova -9.5

o   Over/Under: 138.5

o    Final Score: Cats 74 - Georgetown 65

Vegas Odds Makers' Prediction:

o   Spread: Villanova -9.5

o   Over/Under: 136.0

o    Final Score: Cats 73 - Georgetown 63



Window Opening (March 7): The window is now open for our readers to post their predicted final scores for Sunday's game vs. Georgetown in the twelfth round of the Closest to the Pin Contest. PacAdam remains in first place after eleven rounds. Click HERE to see the full leader board and HERE to see the official contest rules.

Villanova (27-3, 15-2 conference) is ranked #6 in the AP Poll, #4 in the RPI and #27 SOS. The Cats average 79.1 PPG while giving up an average of 66.9 PPG.

Georgetown (17-12, 8-9) is not ranked in the AP Poll but is ranked #55 in the RPI and #12 SOS. The Hoyas average 71.1 PPG while giving up an average of 67.3 PPG. Georgetown comes into town riding high after their 12 point victory over Creighton on Tuesday night. Georgetown is 2-3 over their last five games. Click HERE to see Georgetown's schedule and results.

The first meeting of these teams on January 27 resulted in a 65-60 win for the Cats.

Enter your predicted final score in the comments section in the format: Nova xx, Georgetown yy. Good luck to you all!

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