Penn Relays: Villanova Women claim Distance Medley Relay

For the third consecutive year, the Villanova Women have claimed the Distance Medley Relay Championship at the Penn Relays.

In dramatic fashion, Senior Emily Lipari came from behind to edge Stanford's Aisling Cuffe by .29 seconds in the final lap to give the Lady 'Cats the victory. Lipari noted, "I was pretty relaxed with 400 meters to go. At the final straightaway I knew that I had it."

This is the 13th victory in the event for Villanova at The Relays- 8 more than Tennessee, and that means loads to the school and program. Head Coach, Gina Procaccio noted, "The DMR at the Penn Relays is the Villanova legacy. This is the most prestigious of the distance relays. If you had to pick a relay to win it would be the DMR."

Stephanie Schappert started 'Nova off with a 3:25 split in the 1200. Michaela Wilkins than ran 54.40 400m and Nicky Akande finished her 800m leg in 2:04.51 before handing off to Lipari whose 4:33.44 1600m run gave Villanova the victory in 10:57:35.

It is the 4th Penn Relays championship for Lipari and Akande, the second for Wilkins, and the first for Schappert.

Final Results

1 Villanova 10:57.35 Stephanie Schappert (3:25.00), Michaela Wilkins (54.40), Nicky Akande (2:04.51), Emily Lipari (4:33.44) AA
2 Stanford 10:57.64 Amy Weissenbach (3:24.83), Kristyn Williams (52.37), Claudia Saunders (2:04.58), Aisling Cuffe (4:35.86) AB
3 Georgetown 11:06.14 Andrea Keklak (3:25.43), Amanda Kimbers (53.52), Sabrina Southerland (2:04.86), Rachel Schneider (4:42.33) AD
4 Dartmouth 11:06.31 Dana Giordano (3:29.60), Elizabeth Markowitz (54.32), Megan Krumpoch (2:07.29), Abbey D'Agostino (4:35.10) AE
5 Oregon 11:06.89 Megan Patrignelli (3:26.34), Chizoba Okodogbe (52.65), Samantha Murphy (2:03.63), Laura Roesler (4:44.27) AC
6 Texas 11:16.76 Connor Ward (3:37.18), Danielle Dowie (53.56), Katie Hoaldridge (2:06.16), Marielle Hall (4:39.86) AJ
7 Duke 11:18.29 Anima Banks (3:28.94), Madeline Kopp (53.42), Abby Farley (2:09.56), Haley Meier (4:46.37) AF
8 Harvard 11:18.59 Kieran Gallagher (3:31.74), Olivia Abbate (55.89), Erika Veidis (2:06.55), Molly Renfer (4:44.41) AK
9 Columbia 11:18.85 Olivia Sadler (3:28.84), Jaycee Parker (55.43), Trina Bills (2:08.54), Waverly Neer (4:46.04) AH
10 N.C. State 11:22.88 Megan Moye (3:30.73), Denae Ford (55.51), Kenyetta Iyevbele (2:06.45), Ryanna Henderson (4:50.21) AO
11 Mississippi State 11:25.06 Katie Huston (3:32.59), Keisha Wallace (55.51), Ocian Archer (2:14.31), Rhianwedd Price (4:42.65) AM
12 UConn 11:26.57 Laura Williamson (3:35.62), Paris Taft (56.97), Faith Dismuke (2:09.50), Brigitte Mania (4:44.48) AN
13 New Mexico 11:31.02 Calli Thackery (3:31.55), Hannah Riker-Urruita (57.05), Chloe Anderson (2:10.74), Suzi Boast (4:51.68) AI
14 Princeton 11:45.69 Zoe Sims (3:36.42), Emily Broyles (59.47), Kristin Smoot (2:11.16), Molly Higgins (4:58.64) AP
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