2014 Penn Relays: Villanova Recap

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Wildcats win four at The Relays

Saying that the 2014 Penn Relays were a "success" for Villanova would be an understatement.

On the heels of the 'Nova Women claiming the Championship of America in the Distance Medley on Thursday and the 4x1500 on Friday, both the Men's and Women's teams took home the 4x800 crown on Saturday.

Using the same quartet of Kelsey Margey, Angel Piccirillo, Nicky Akande, and Emily Lipari who won the 2013 event, the Lady Wildcats held off Oregon to win the two-mile relay. In winning Villanova swept the Distance Relays for the first time since 1997.

Gina Procaccio said in the press conference, "I told them to try to channel last year. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain."

That victory gave senior Lipari and Akande their sixth career Championship of America. They join Vicki Huber ('89), Sonia O'Sullivan ('91) and Krestena Sullivan ('97) at the tally. Kathy Franey ('90) and Michelle Bennett ('91) won a school record, seven.

On the Men's side, Josh Lampron, Dusty Solis, Jordy Williamsz, Samuel Ellison defeated 2012 & '13 winner Penn State to win the 4x800 by over two seconds. Their victory marks the 20th time the Wildcats have won the event and the first time since 1992.

It was the 95th Championship of America in Villanova's History.

College Women's 4x800 Results

1 Villanova 08:21.5 Kelsey Margey (2:06.33), Angel Piccirillo (2:06.00), Nicky Akande (2:05.67), Emily Lipari (2:03.50)
2 Oregon 08:22.5 Claudia Francis (2:08.20), Samantha Murphy (2:08.42), Annie Leblanc (2:04.07), Laura Roesler (2:01.86)
3 Georgetown 08:31.0 Rachel Schneider (2:08.52), Sabrina Southerland (2:06.09), Becca Deloache (2:08.08), Andrea Keklak (2:08.37)
4 Tennessee 08:35.2 Alexis Panisse (2:07.63), Kianna Ruff (2:08.05), Brittney Jackson (2:09.94), Amirah Johnson (2:09.62)
5 Princeton 08:45.4 Meghan McMullin (2:10.82), Zoe Sims (2:12.22), Molly Higgins (2:13.06), Kim Mackay (2:09.31)
6 Fordham 08:50.9 Titi Fagade (2:10.96), Kristen Stuart (2:12.54), Melissa Higgins (2:13.16), Mara Lieberman (2:14.26)
7 Charlotte 08:51.2 Rachel Miller (2:12.05), T'Sheila Mungo (2:12.00), Taylor Carcella (2:12.94), Maraya Slatter (2:14.21)
8 Northern Illinois 08:59.1 Ali Olson (2:12.59), Meghan Heuer (2:13.71), Jamie Burr (2:19.02), Julie Cronin (2:13.83)
9 Indiana 08:59.2 Samantha Gwin (2:16.30), Kellie Davis (2:14.67), Taylor Wiley (2:15.64), Samantha Ginther (2:12.65)
10 Army 08:59.4 Katrina Donarski (2:15.05), Allie Sutherland (2:14.80), Elizabeth Moton (2:19.77), Jennifer Comfort (2:09.78)

College Men's 4x800 Results

1 Villanova 07:16.6 Josh Lampron (1:51.80), Dusty Solis (1:49.45), Jordan Williamsz (1:48.77), Samuel Ellison (1:46.58)
2 Penn State 07:19.0 Wade Endress (1:53.35), Za'Von Watkins (1:48.97), Ryan Brennan (1:49.73), Brannon Kidder (1:46.96)
3 Georgetown 07:19.3 Ryan Manahan (1:51.42), Billy Ledder (1:50.68), Amos Bartelsmeyer (1:48.59), Ahmed Bile (1:48.60)
4 Wake Forest 07:20.5 Simon Holden (1:51.36), Thomas Bojanowski (1:50.50), Kyle Eager (1:49.78), Kyle Graves (1:48.87)
5 Stanford 07:25.0 Scott Buttinger (1:53.14), Justin Brinkley (1:51.57), Marco Bertolotti (1:50.89), Luke Lefebure (1:49.40)
6 Georgia Tech 07:25.4 Jeremy Greenwald (1:52.13), Zack Fanelty (1:54.70), Shawn Roberts (1:48.74), Brandon Lasater (1:49.88)
7 Columbia 07:25.9 Denzel Woode (1:53.84), Harry McFann (1:51.04), Rob Napolitano (1:51.04), Connor Claflin (1:49.99)
8 Monmouth 07:27.2 Andrew Langille (1:51.86), Domenick D'Agostino (1:54.80), Alex Leight (1:52.12), Dylan Capwell (1:48.41)
9 Texas A&M 07:27.8 Gaines Kinsey (1:53.57), Josh Hernandez (1:51.82), Cameron Cardwell (1:52.68), Hector Hernandez (1:49.78)
10 Brown 07:27.9 Tyler Benster (1:53.25), Matt Bevil (1:52.81), Colin Savage (1:51.80), Henry Tufnell (1:50.05)
11 Princeton 07:36.5 William Paulson (1:53.16), Luke Brahm (1:56.67), Michael Williams (1:54.52), Bradley Paternostro (1:52.14)
12 Cornell 07:41.7 Hong Cho (1:55.08), Will Weinlandt (1:51.06), Eric Bice (1:54.38), John Schilkowsky (2:01.23)

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