Villanova's NBA Draft Picks

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014 NBA Draft on tap for tonight, it's time to take a look back at Villanova Basketball and the NBA.

Here is a historical list of all Villanovans who have been selected in the NBA Draft.

Year Round Pick Player Team
1962 Round 2 Pick 7 Hubie White Philadelphia Warriors
1963 Round 1 Pick 6 Tom Hoover Syracuse Nationals
1964 Round 3 Pick 2 Wali Jones Detroit Pistons
1965 Round 1 Pick 5 Jim Washington St. Louis Hawks
1965 Round 5 Pick 5 Richie Moore Philadelphia 76ers
1966 Round 2 Pick 9 Bill Melchionni Philadelphia 76ers
1967 Round 12 Pick 6 Frank Gadjunas Cincinnati Royals
1968 Round 16 Pick 8 Joe Crews Philadelphia 76ers
1969 Round 6 Pick 13 John Jones Philadelphia 76ers
1970 Round 8 Pick 12 Fran O'Hanlon Philadelphia 76ers
1971 Round 2 Pick 15 Howard Porter Chicago Bulls
1971 Round 9 Pick 7 Clarence Smith San Francisco Warriors
1972 Round 2 Pick 4 Chris Ford Detroit Pistons
1972 Round 4 Pick 3 Hank Siemiontkowski Cleveland Cavaliers
1973 Round 2 Pick 9 Tom Ingelsby Atlanta Hawks
1973 Round 11 Pick 9 Ed Hastings Boston Celtics
1977 Round 8 Pick 20 John Olive Philadelphia 76ers
1978 Round 2 Pick 2 Keith Herron Portland Trail Blazers
1980 Round 4 Pick 6 Rory Sparrow New Jersey Nets
1981 Round 4 Pick 17 Alex Bradley New York Knicks
1982 Round 5 Pick 6 Aaron Howard New York Knicks
1983 Round 1 Pick 24 Stewart Granger Cleveland Cavaliers
1983 Round 3 Pick 11 John Pinone Atlanta Hawks
1983 Round 8 Pick 19 Mike Mulquin Phoenix Suns
1984 Round 8 Pick 21 Frank Dobbs Philadelphia 76ers
1985 Round 1 Pick 10 Ed Pinckney Phoenix Suns
1985 Round 2 Pick 3 Dwayne McClain Indiana Pacers
1985 Round 7 Pick 15 Gary McLain New Jersey Nets
1986 Round 1 Pick 17 Harold Pressley Sacramento Kings
1986 Round 6 Pick 14 Chuck Everson Utah Jazz
1987 Round 6 Pick 7 Harold Jensen Cleveland Cavaliers
1989 Round 2 Pick 11 Doug West Minnesota Timberwolves
1996 Round 1 Pick 8 Kerry Kittles New Jersey Nets
1997 Round 1 Pick 7 Tim Thomas New Jersey Nets
1997 Round 2 Pick 13 Jason Lawson Denver Nuggets
1997 Round 2 Pick 19 Alvin Williams Portland Trail Blazers
1999 Round 2 Pick 1 John Celestand Los Angeles Lakers
2001 Round 1 Pick 17 Michael Bradley Toronto Raptors
2006 Round 1 Pick 7 Randy Foye Boston Celtics
2006 Round 1 Pick 24 Kyle Lowry Memphis Grizzlies
2009 Round 2 Pick 3 Dante Cunningham Portland Trailblazer

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