The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for July 15, 2014

Daily 'Nova links, today featuring fixing the student sections, Holly Sonders on the move, and remembering the 90s.

Happy Tuesday, 'Nova Nation! If you do one thing today, I implore you to read the first article below. As a self-professed tech nerd, I can't tell you cool our computing science department is for their idea to develop Google Glass to help those with memory issues (and congrats on the grant to the department).

That, and make sure you know where to find Holly Sonders on TV (looking at you #1 golf fan MikeJ.)

And now, the "news."

Villanova Univ. Project Turns Google Glass Into ‘Backup Brain’ | CBS Philly
Villanova University researchers have been awarded a Google Glass grant to develop a memory aid.

If I ruled college hoops this is how'd to change student sections - ESPN
For the start of If I ruled college basketball ... it's time to take over student sections and give them some direction.

SMU Mustangs prospect Emmanuel Mudiay headed overseas | ESPN
Incoming SMU freshman point guard Emmanuel Mudiay, who some believe could potentially be a future No. 1 overall draft pick, instead has decided to play overseas this season.

Sources say Holly Sonders leaves Golf Channel and is set to join Fox Sports' golf and NFL broadcasts
Holly Sonders, star of Golf Channel’s "Morning Drive" and other shows, has left the channel after turning down a new contract offer and is expected to join Fox Sports, according to sources.

MLB to make major announcement regarding homophobia in baseball | Outsports
Major League Baseball will make the announcement about its handling of gay issues and homophobia Tuesday before the League's All-Star game.

Here is what the new College Football Playoff trophy looks like |
The first year of the Playoff includes some new hardware.

People Won’t Stop Body-Shaming ‘Chubby’ Athlete on Cover of ESPN Body Issue | The Cut
Athletes don't always have six-packs.... and Prince Fielder is rocking more like a Keg.

The 90s Are Alive and Well—but Is Nostalgia a Thing of the Past? | Vanity Fair
James Wolcott thinks the 90s-nostalgia boomlet that blossomed last year says as much about the future as it does about the decade of Seinfeld and grunge.

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