The Big East Travel

Creighton will travel the most, Georgetown the least.

The addition of Xavier, Butler, and Creighton to the BIG EAST came as no surprise to anyone who follows VU Hoops.

Those schools increase the conference's reach into the midwest solidifying the cities of Cincinnati and Indianapolis but also move the conference west of the Mississippi and into Nebraska.

With Conference Play about to kickoff, each Big East team will play the others twice- once at home and once on the road in a true round-robin schedule. It's time to look at the travel this will put on the teams.

In a re-post, putting the schools on the map, one quickly notices a Northeast Corridor of Georgetown, Villanova, Seton Hall, St. John's, and Providence- as the schools are based near the major metropolises of Washington, Philadelphia, New York, and Providence where the longest distance between schools is 372 miles.

The other five schools quickly create a MidWest grouping where Creighton's Omaha location puts the nearest opponent 416 miles away. The Blue Jays will indeed travel the most as they make the move from the Missouri Valley Conference to the new BIG EAST as they will log over 7,500 [one-way] miles visiting the other nine schools.

Georgetown will have the shortest distance traveled with just over 4,000 miles. Villanova and Xavier will travel slightly more than the Hoyas.

Butler Bulldogs 0 517 178 500 238 792 644 660 588 99 4216
Creighton Blue Jays 517 0 416 1012 426 1265 1134 1148 1088 614 7620
DePaul Blue Demons 178 416 0 612 67 849 719 733 678 265 4517
Georgetown Hoyas 500 1012 612 0 634 356 199 214 119 411 4057
Marquette Golden Eagles 238 426 67 634 0 846 725 738 690 318 4682
Providence Friars 792 1265 849 356 846 0 160 143 237 722 5370
Seton Hall Pirates 644 1134 719 199 725 160 0 17 80 569 4247
St. John's Red Storm 660 1148 733 214 738 143 17 0 95 585 4333
Villanova Wildcats 588 1088 678 119 690 237 80 95 0 507 4082
Xavier Musketeers 99 614 265 411 318 722 569 585 507 0 4090

4216 7620 4517 4057 4682 5370 4247 4333 4082 4090

Do you plan on making a trip to watch Villanova play at one of the new schools?

For home airports, the following were used for consistency, Butler- IND, Creighton- OMA, DePaul- ORD, Georgetown- DCA, Marquette- MKE, Providence- PVD, Seton Hall- EWR, St. John's- LGA, Villanova- PHL, Xavier- CVG.  All distances are one-way and in nautical miles assuming direct, non-stop flights.

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