Fun & Off Topic

A #BenchMob Birthday

One of the core members of the #BenchMob is celebrating a birthday today.

Wildcats Basketball upping practice technology

In the spirit of "For The Greater Great," the Villanova Wildcats' Men's Basketball Team has added a new piece of equipment to their practices. No, it's not a Doug McDermott cutout. It's the Zone190.

Happy 4th of July

From everyone here at VU Hoops, we hope you have a fantastic July 4th! Have a fun Independence Day and be safe from Arthur, or at the beach, or drinking, or grilling, or lighting off fireworks, or...

World Cup Open Thread

USA vs. Belgium play for a trip to the Quarterfinals.

World Cup: Schedule & Open Thread


We move on to the Knockout Phase with the hosts, Brazil, taking on Chile today and another CONMEBOL matchup between Colombia and Uruguay. In the VU Hoops Pick 'EM, White Hart Klang got the most...

World Cup Pick 'Em Standings


The Group Stage is over and we move on to the knockout rounds. Thank god there will be no more "Soccer is dumb, how can a team lose but advance?" comments from people. White Hart Klang got the...

#USMNT vs. Germany Open Thread


ESPN has the game. 12p Kickoff. Portugal vs. Ghana will be on ESPN 2.

Weekend World Cup Open Thread


The World Cup has six matches on the schedule for Saturday & Sunday, including the United States vs. Portugal game on Sunday. Kickoff for the #USMNT is slated for 6p ET. Let's take a quick look...

#USMNT World Cup Open Thread


The 2014 FIFA World Cup enters the fifth day of competition featuring the opening match for the United States. Are you going to watch the 6p USA match? If so, here is some required reading... ...

Weekend World Cup Open Thread


Discuss Saturday's & Sunday's World Cup games.

World Cup Open Thread. Pick 'em Update.


59 out of 68 people picked yesterday's winner correctly in the VU Hoops World Cup Pick 'em. This includes 20 people who correctly guessed the 3-1 victory for Brazil over Croatia. It's not too...

Join the VU Hoops World Cup Pick 'em


The 2014 World Cup is upon us! To help Villanova fans get through the slow days of summer we will be hosting a World Cup Pick 'em for Villanova fans. Whether you're able to...

VU Hoops World Cup Pick'em


The World Cup is coming. You may have heard of it. It's kind of a big deal.

Archy tames twitter troll


A Providence internet troll tried to annoy Villanova's Ryan Arcidiacono this evening, Yo @RyArch15, your ankles ever recover from this? #pcbb — Rob (@r_bernard07) June...

2015 Championship Odds Posted

'Nova at 25/1

VU Hoops Bracket Challenge Results


The results are in. After Connecticut's victory over Kentucky in the final of the 2014 NCAA Championship, KristenK and her entry kikiks bracket won the VU Hoops Bracket Challenge. Even though she...

Tap That! Wildcat Edition


One of our esteemed engineering students has put their talent towards the more important things in life - playing mindless games disguised by our love for Villanova hoops. This only works on Android for now. Sorry iPhone suckers!

VU Hoops Bracket Challenge Update


And then there were EIGHT. 237 people are participating in the VU Hoops Bracket Challenge with the winner taking home a a $50 gift certificate to Fanatics. Here are the current standings... R...

VU Hoops Bracket Challenge Update


Top 5 after the 1st 32 games.

Bracket: TRT's picks


Tyler Ricky Tynes shares his bracket

Bracket: My Picks

NCAA Tournament 2014: here are Mike's picks

538 Predicts Wildcats' Chances

FiveThirtyEight started out as Nate Silver's Political Prediction site for the 2008 Presidential Election. Following the Silver's move from the New York Times to ESPN last July look for more...

NCAA Championship & Region odds posted


Gators, Cardinals, Spartans are the top favorites.

Join the VU Hoops Bracket Challenge


Sign up. Maybe win a prize!

Daniel Ochefu has a video game


The "DANIEL oCHEFu Cookout" Game

2014 BET Odds [Updated]

Updated odds for each team, if you're feeling lucky.

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