FCS Rankings Week 8: Villanova moves up three spots in the latest TSN Poll

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

After knocking off the #3 ranked Towson Tigers, the Wildcats have slid up to #12 in the latest Sports Network FCS Top-25.

Villanova knocked off the #3-ranked Towson Tigers on Saturday night and were rewarded this afternoon with a three-spot jump in The Sports Network's FCS top-25 poll. The 'Cats took down one of the last remaining unbeaten teams in FCS, but only two schools in last week's Top-25 suffered a loss this weekend, and the 'Cats were capped at a move up of just two spots, despite an impressive result.

North Dakota State held on to the top-spot, and should command that respect for a while as two-time national champions. Coastal Carolina (6-0) and Fordham (7-0) are the two other unbeatens remaining and check in at numbers six and eight, respectively.

Villanova fell at Fordham in week-two and the Rams followed up that victory with a win at FBS Temple.

Towson moved down to number-seven after taking their first loss of the season, and the new CAA-leaders (at 3-0 in conference play) Villanova settled in at number-12 this week -- up three spots from 15th last Monday. Three other CAA football squads remain in the poll, with Maine checking in at number-14, James Madison at number-20, and New Hampshire at number-25. Four other CAA football teams also received votes this week.

The Wildcats will face ranked opponents in their next three games, on the road at UNH, at home against Maine and then a trip to JMU the first weekend in November. If current rankings hold steady, however, the 'Cats will be presumed favorites the rest of the way, putting a target on their backs for the rest of CAA play.

The 'Cats also jumped up four spots in the FCS Coaches Poll, administered by the SoCon, landing at number-11. They were the biggest mover in the poll.

In the latest TSN bracket projection, Villanova was slotted in as the 8-seed, gaining a bye into the second round. They would face the winner of Lehigh at Maine and would be set up for a quarterfinals trip to face 1-seed North Dakota State.

Villanova has won four straight games since opening the season 0-2.

The Sports Network FCS Top-25 - Week 8

1 North Dakota St. 6-0 4024
2 Sam Houston St. 5-1 3807
3 Eastern Illinois 5-1 3612
4 Eastern Washington 4-2 3449
5 Montana State 4-2 3067
6 Coastal Carolina 6-0 3005
7 Towson 6-1 2851
8 Fordham 7-0 2705
9 McNeese 5-1 2665
10 Montana 5-1 2506
11 Northern Iowa 4-2 2445
12 Villanova 4-2 2381
13 Wofford 4-2 1843
14 Maine 5-1 1768
15 South Dakota State 4-3 1647
16 Youngstown State 6-1 1516
17 Bethune-Cookman 5-1 1489
18 Lehigh 5-1 1370
19 Northern Arizona 4-2 1131
20 James Madison 5-2 830
21 Central Arkansas 3-3 710
22 Samford 5-2 643
23 Georgia Southern* 4-2 567
24 Tennessee State 5-2 320
25 New Hampshire 2-3 296

FCS Coaches Poll - Week 8

1 North Dakota St. 6-0 650
2 Sam Houston 5-1 620
3 Eastern Illinois 5-1 591
4 Coastal Carolina 6-0 547
5 Montana State 4-2 522
6 Eastern Washington 4-2 512
7 Towson 6-1 465
8 Fordham 7-0 462
9 Montana 5-1 425
10 McNeese 5-1 402
11 Villanova 4-2 356
12 Wofford 4-2 352
13 Northern Iowa 4-2 328
14 Bethune-Cookman 5-1 314
15 Youngstown St. 6-1 286
16 Lehigh 5-1 275
17 Maine 5-1 251
18 South Dakota State 4-3 198
19 James Madison 5-2 188
20 Central Arkansas 3-3 137
21 Northern Arizona 3-2 107
22 New Hampshire 1-3 77
23 Tennessee State 5-1 76
24 Jacksonville State 5-1 66
25 Charleston Southern 6-0 60

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