CAA Preview Week 11: Maine in the driver's seat


What to watch for around the CAA conference.

So sorry, we're a day late with this! Opening week of basketball has been hectic, what can I say. It's still no excuse. I think a little part of me died inside though when I realized Villanova is only playing for pride at this point.

Oh, and there's always rooting for Delaware to be brought back down from their high horse.

Team CAA Overall Streak
Maine 5-0 8-1 W5
Delaware 4-1 7-21 W3
Towson 4-2 8-2 L1
James Madison 3-2 6-3 W1
William & Mary 3-2 6-3 W2
New Hampshire 3-2 4-4 L1
Villanova 3-3 4-5 L3
Rhode Island 2-4 3-7 L2
Stony Brook 1-4 3-5 L2
Richmond 1-4 3-6 W1
Albany 0-5 1-8 L7

Saturday, November 9th

James Madison 6-3, 3-2 CAA) vs. New Hampshire (4-4, 3-2 CAA) -- 12:30 pm ET, NBC Sports Network

It's hard to hold UNH's loss to Bill & Mary against them. After all, they were on the road, and the Tribe are always sneaky good and really hard to play against. Actually, we should all be very impressed that Villanova beat them considering they've absolutely shut the door on New Hampshire and James Madison in back to back weeks. This should be an entertaining affair, on national television.

Richmond (3-6, 1-4 CAA) vs. Stony Brook (3-5, 1-4 CAA) -- 1:00 pm ET

It's pretty clear that the Spiders are a bad football team this year, which is a little surprising. I can't make up my mind on Stony Brook though. Injuries have hurt, and they're playing some really close games against good teams. But bad teams lose those close games more often than not.

William & Mary (6-3, 3-2 CAA) vs. Delaware (7-2, 4-1 CAA) -- 3:00 pm ET

The marquee matchup of the week. Bill & Mary's defense has been outstanding the past couple of weeks, and Delaware is coming off a thrilling win (it hurts to type that) over Towson that has more than likely put them in the hunt for a playoff bid if they can hang on these past few weeks. Great season for the Hens, but it won't be enough. The Tribe will take care of business here before Villanova breaks their hearts in two weeks.

Maine (8-1, 5-0 CAA) vs. Albany (1-8, 0-5 CAA) -- 3:30 pm ET

Not even sure Maine should.bother playing their starters. Rest up, Black Bears.

*Towson is off this week

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