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: Villanova vs. the "Most Valuable Programs"

Last week, we posted a link to the "Most Valuable College Basketball Programs". In an effort to see how Villanova compared to these programs, we tool a look at some stats during the 6 full seasons of the Jay Wright Era on the Main Line (2001-02 thru 2007) and open up this comparison to the readers.

Total Win %
Top 3
Duke (81.6%)
Kansas (80.4%)
Illinois (78.7%)

Villanova’s 64.3% puts them ahead of 5 of the 20 schools: UCLA, NC State, Indiana, Missouri, and Arkansas.

Total Wins
Top 3
Duke (169)
Kansas (168)
Illinois (163)

‘Nova’s 126 wins puts them, again, above NC State, UCLA, Indiana, Missouri, and Arkansas. Maybe not so surprising, those same 5 schools are the only ones who have more losses than Villanova in the sample time period.

NCAA Tournament Wins
Top 3

Kansas (15)
Duke (12)
Texas (12)

Villanova’s 5 Tournament victories, ties them with NC State and ahead of Missouri (4) and Arkansas (0).

NCAA Tournament Appearances
All 6 years: Kansas, Texas, Duke, Kentucky, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan St, Wisconsin.
3 Tournaments: Villanova, Ohio State
2 Tournaments: Missouri, Arkansas

Schools included in comparison: North Carolina, Kentucky, Louisville, Arizona, Duke, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Texas, Missouri, UCLA, NC State, Oklahoma State, Michigan State, Maryland, Syracuse, Arkansas, and Xavier