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: A Different Look at the Grant Situation

Yesterday we noted that We Don't Know What's Up With Malcolm Grant and gave a simplistic look at Malc's stats in games won and lost by 'Nova.

That article concluded with...

It just makes you beg for the behind-the-scenes peek to see if something
completely wrong is occurring.

Clearly, his statistics demonstrate an offensive prowess. But there has to be something else. The most likely guess is that Malc is not buying into Jay's brand of "Villanova Basketball". This is the odds-on favorite to be the reason for Grant's recent "pine-riding". Jay has made it a point to discipline players in the past and that is the only rational argument about what is occurring here.

So cheer up 'Nova Nation. Keep your faith in Jay. We need to remember that specific coaching is being done for what's best in the long run of VU Hoops.

Jay is the keeper of the program; and that program has roots deeper than the past 5 games and branches that will extend past this season.