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: Revenues and Expenses for 2007

Some interesting Revenue and Expense information from the US Office of Postsecondary Education for the 2006-07 academic year...

Villanova Men's Basketball
Revenue: $5,225,519

Operating Expenses 1: $1,571,095
Expenses 2: $4,202,768

Villanova Women's Basketball

Revenue: $50,842
Operating Expenses: $294,511
Expenses: $1,343,766

Villanova Football

Revenue: $960,789
Operating Expenses: $586,383
Expenses: $4,164,213

Villanova's expenses of $4.2m ranks the Wildcats 31st among Division 1 programs. The entire list can be found on the VUhoops Google Group.

1- Operating expenses means all expenses an institution incurs attributable to home, away, and neutral-site intercollegiate athletic contests (commonly known as ``game-day expenses''), for (A) lodging, meals, transportation, uniforms, and equipment for coaches, team members, support staff (including, but not limited to team managers and trainers), and others; and (B) officials. Operating expenses are a subset of expenses.

2- Expenses means expenses attributable to intercollegiate athletic activities. This includes appearance guarantees and options, athletically related student aid, contract services, equipment, fundraising activities, operating expenses, promotional activities, recruiting expenses, salaries and benefits, supplies, travel, and any other expenses attributable to intercollegiate athletic activities.