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: Recruiting Update

Now that the season is over, it's time to put some effort into recruiting. Here is a list of our known "targets", and their status.

Class of 2008

Tyreke Evans- 6'5", 205. American Christian (Aston, PA). 5*
Tyreke was the MVP of the McDonald All-America Game last week. His list is down to UConn, Memphis, Texas, and Villanova, but the reality is that it is between Memphis and Villanova with a hard lean to the Tennessee school. Evans will be visiting Villanova again in the upcoming few weeks. He is expected to make his announcement on April 16th.

Charles Okwandu- 7'1", 230. Harcum Community College (Harcum, PA)

Class of 2009

Maalik Wayns- 6'1", 190. Roman Catholic (Philadelphia, PA). 4*
PG: #9
Class of '09: #51
Solid Verbal

Dominic Cheek- 6'5", 170. St. Anthony's (Jersey City, NJ). 5*
SG: #4
Class of '09: #12
Other Schools Involed: UConn, Texas, Wake Forest, Seton Hall, Rutgers

Dalton Pepper- 6'5", 215. Pennsbury (Philadelphia). 4*
2009 SG: #19
Class of '09: 82
Other Schools Involed: West Virginia, Miami, Seton Hall

Isaiah Armwood- 6'7", 180. Montrose Christian (Rockville, MD). 5*
2009 PF: #4
Class of '09: 10

Terrell Vinson- 6'5", 190. Montrose Christian (Rockville, MD). 5*
2009 SF: #4
Class of '09: 18

Class of 2010

Tony Chennault- 6'2", 165. Neumann-Goretti (Philadelphia) PG

Joe Jackson- 6'0", 150. Memphis- White Station (Memphis) PG. 5*