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Official NCAA APR Numbers Released

The NCAA this morning released the official APR (Academic Progress Rate) numbers for the 2006-07 season.

The overall APR, which measures student-athlete performance based on eligibility and retention, rose slightly, with increases in both eligibility and retention and a decrease in the number of student-athletes leaving school while academically ineligible.

The National Average for the Division 1 Basketball was 928. Villanova had a BIG EAST best 990 and is in the 90-100 Percentile for all NCAA Basketball programs.

Seton Hall's Basketball team received the conference's only penalty.

Viewing the APR Reports by School, here is how the BIG EAST stacks up for Men's Basketball...(School, APR, Percentile)

Villanova, 990, 90th-100th
Notre Dame, 971, 80th-90th
Syracuse, 955, 70th-80th
Marquette, 954, 70th-80th
Rutgers, 953, 70th-80th
UConn, 946, 60th-70th
Georgetown, 945, 60th-70th
Louisville, 941, 60th-70th
Providence, 938, 50th-60th
Pittsburgh, 935, 50th-60th
West Virginia, 932, 50th-60th
Seton Hall, 924, 40th-50th
DePaul, 918, 30th-40th
St. John’s, 918, 30th-40th
South Florida, 904, 20th-30th
Cincinnatti, 872,1st-10th