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Welcome to v2.0

Welcome to the new!

We hope you enjoy the new layout. We've got most of the functionality and "visual feel" the way we want it, but we're so excited to share this with the rest of the fans of Villanova Basketball, that we are unveiling it earlier than expected.

If you're a RSS user, please change note that our new feed is

If you're not familiar with "RSS Readers"...

Never heard of RSS? We’ll forgive you.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that allows you to read a "feed" from your favorite site without the need for a browser. The "feed" is usually a brief summary of what is on the site, often even without images.

Even though you don’t need your browser, you’ll still need an "RSS reader". These readers can be dedicated programs for your PC, they can be pocket applications for your mobile phone, or they be web applications (like Google Reader).

If you’ve never heard of RSS, it’s most likely that you also don’t have an RSS reader (though if you use Mozilla Firefox or Thunderbird you’d have one without knowing).

Next time you visit a web site, look for a link to the "RSS feed" or click on the RSS logo (seen here on the left) usually found somewhere on their site.