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USA Today Article on Maalik Wayns

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There is a great article in the USA Today, Philadelphia guard Wayns shows toughness in U-18 bid, talking about Villanova Commit Maalik Wayns's being from the true mold of a "Philly Guard" and what he is bringing to the U18 National Team Tryouts.

While Wayns' mother tells him that his first name means "King of the World," a more literal translation for Maalik in Arabic is that of "an angel who guards hellfire," appropriate for someone who prides himself on his defense.

"It's the environment I grew up in," Wayns says. "Everybody where I come from can play defense. You can come down and score, but if your man comes down and scores, you don't get any joy out of it. Guarding your man and locking him down, that's what's important."