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Maalik Wayns with the U18 Basketball Team in Argentina

VBTN beat us to it... Villanova Commit, Maalik Wayns, (along with Villanova Recruiting target, Dominic Cheek) is now in Formosa, Argentina competing in the FIBA Americas U18 Championship. has a quick interview with Maalik:

  • What are the changes the team has gone through over the last week and a half?
    It’s real different. We’re playing an offense and I’ve never really played a set offense with back screens and stuff like that. I’m getting used to that now, but that’s different for me.
  • Was your first practice a little bit of a culture shock for you?
    Oh yeah, the college coaching, that’s all new to me. We have to get used to it to get ready for college.
  • How’s the team chemistry?
    I think we’re all coming together really well. We hang together at the hotel, go out to eat together, we’re all bonding pretty good.
  • Have you ever been overseas?
    No, it’s my first time.
  • Do you know anything about Argentina?
    No, not at all.
  • Are you looking forward to it?
    Yes, a lot. I want to see how they live over there. Is it nice, is it like us, is it different? I just want to see how it is.

U18 Schedule

  • July 14: Venezuela
  • July 15: Bahamas
  • July 16: Puerto Rico