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A Look at Recruiting...

We all know who the final remaining Villanova prospects for the Class of 2009 are... But let's take a look at 2010 and beyond.

Devon Collier 10

Devon Collier '10

The Northstar Basketball guys have put together a list of some of the top prospects. Here is a list of some new ones who 'Nova is involved with...

  • Kyrie Irving '10 (6'2" PG)- St. Patrick's (NJ)
  • Devon Collier '10 (6'7" PF)- St. Anthony's (NJ)
  • Tavon Sledge '11 (5'10" PG)- St. Benedict's (NJ)
  • Frankie Smalls '11 (6'4" F)- Trenton Catholic (NJ)
  • ADD 9/8- Juan'ya Green '11 (6'3" SG)- Archbishop Carrol (PA)