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New NCAA Basketball Rules for 2008-09

With the new basketball season approaching we're going to take a minute to look at the new rules in effect for the 2008-09 Season.

2 or 3 will have possibly have a notable effect on the game [NCAA Rule Section] with our commentary in italics.

  • 3-point line moved back from 19'9" to 20'9" (this is for Men only)The desired effect of this is to extend the game and open up the interior. -Some believe it will create more room for everyone to operate, post players and perimeter guys.
  • Goal tending is called anytime after the ball hits the backboard (even "on the way up") [Goaltending 4-34.3] -This eliminates the judgment call by the refs on whether a ball is on the way up or down after it hits the backboard
  • Creation of two categories of Technical Fouls;

Type A technical fouls are for unsportsmanlike conduct and will replace Direct Technical Fouls. Type B fouls deal with infractions of the rules that neither involves contact nor causes contact with opponent and fall below the limit of an unsportsmanlike act. Type B replaces Indirect Technical Fouls. If you were to score Type A technicals as 3 points and Type B level as 2 points then it will take 6 points or more (2 As, 3Bs or 1A&2Bs) to get ejected [Fouls & Penalties 10-3, 10-4] -This seems like a nightmare for scorekeepers.

  • Home must wear "light" jersey and away must wear "dark" [Uniforms 3-5.10] -Of course, agreements for special occasions can be agreed by both teams to nullify this rule.
  • No fixed rims, they must be "breakaway" (goes into effect for 2009-10) [Court & Equipment 1-14.3] -A very sound safety rule that should be in place on all basketball courts
  • All of the new rules can be found here. Here's a quick recap of other new rules.

    • Restraining Lines on the court
    • The refs' jurisdiction of the game ends when they leave the court
    • Horn to be rung with 15 seconds to go when replacing a disqualified player
    • Ability to wear arm, knee, leg sleeves if verified by medical personnel
    • Logos on Unis and the Court