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Hoops Mania Ticket Information

Hoops Mania, which is set for October 24th, will be a ticketed event for the first time according to The Villanovan.

Approximately 3,000 tickets will be available for students to apply for starting tomorrow through the online basketball lottery system. The lottery will remain open through Oct. 9.

The remaining 2,000 tickets will be distributed among the families of the basketball team, recruits, football players, dancers, cheerleaders, various other on-campus organizations and offices.

The SGA notes that tickets for alumni and members of the community are not on the list to receive an allotment of the 2,000 Non-Undergrad tickets.

The SGA's penalty & reward system will be in place for Hoops Mania with full details in the article.

Thanks to our reader Sarah who tipped us...