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Jay Wright Gives Some Insight on the "4 Guard Offense" in 2006

This past weekend, Jay Wright spoke at Stu Vetter's Coaching Clinic (Vetter is the head coach at Montrose Christian where Isaiah Armwood and Mouphtaou Yarou will be playing this year).

Jay Wright at practice during the 2008 NCAA Tourny (Philadlphia Daily News)

Jay Wright at practice during the 2008 NCAA Tourny (Philadlphia Daily News)

HoyaReport is noting an interesting tidbit from Jay's speech...

"There was no four guard offense" revealed Wright. "Our forward got hurt, and we moved Randy Foye into the forward spot and ran the exact same plays. "They just played him differently"...

So there you go, there was no "4 Guard" Offense in 2006. It was just the way the defense matched up against the lineup.

Big East Report is adding a blurb

about how Villanova uses the Pick and Roll...

“It was working via spacing” stressed Wright, of his team’s proficiency in what is one of the most fundamental yet most difficult to defend basketball plays...

That’s not to say Wright ran pick and roll exclusively, since the team used many other plays and sets. The determining factor of what Villanova’s coach runs? “It’s based on your players” said Wright in a matter of fact manner. “And how the opponent is going to defend you”.

If readers are getting the impression Wright uses a common sense, streamlined approach to basketball play development, they’re right, as he believes an excessive amount of plays is counterproductive. “For the players, they have to think more and it slows them down” remarked Wright of a large playbook. “If you can look at the plays you have, see how they are working and tweak them, that’s better…I don’t have to come up with more plays, just know how they (defenders) are going to play you”.