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Wednesday Links

If you've got some reading time, check out these articles on ESPN...

This physical, athletic wing plays above the rim on both ends of the floor. On offense, he finishes over or around defenders with authority. On defense, he can block shots from the weak side or run down a player who thinks he has an uncontested layup that ends up out of bounds or going the other way. Bell attacks the rim in the half court along the baseline or wing where he has a knack for drawing fouls. He likes the midrange pull-up -- especially going right. He is a streaky shooter from 3-point range, but much improved from when I saw him in July. He has great elevation but still needs to work to maintain a consistent stroke. Bell is active on the glass on both ends and a tip-dunk threat if not boxed out. He is a high-energy defender capable of guarding a 2 or 3 and strong enough to battle an undersized 4-man. He should be a major contributor for the Wildcats from day one.

This year [Wayns] sandwiched all-star performances during summer-league ball in Las Vegas and Philadelphia with a spot on the U.S. Under-18 roster. The youngest player selected, he earned rave reviews from the team's head coach, Davidson's Bob McKillop. "He gets it in the right hands at the right time and to the right spot," McKillop said. "His decision-making is impeccable.''