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Hoops Mania Update apologizes for the lack of Hoops Mania coverage this weekend. We won't make excuses, just simply note we're sorry.

But in an effort to catch up from Friday Night's events...

  • Dominic Cheek, Maalik Wayns, Isaiah Armwood, and Mouphtaou Yarou were all in attendance. Other recruits seen included Marckus Kennedy
  • "We Want Cheek" chants were rampant through the Pavilion
  • Hip-Hop artist T. Pain performed
  • Blue/White game teams were broken up as Anderson, Cunningham, Fisher, King, and Redding Vs. Clark, Peña, Reynolds, Sutton, and Stokes
  • Hoops Mania included a Slam Dunk contest. Check out Dante Cunningham's Dunk. Other YouTube Videos include; Scottie Reynolds and T-Pain (thanks RayFoyeCombo)