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Additional Jay Wright Quotes from Media Day

We gave you a bunch of Jay Wright quotes from last Wednesday's Big East Media Day. Adam Zagoria has added some new ones...

On Scottie Reynolds:

Scottie is healthy and I think it’s one of the responsiblities of our coaching staff to keep him fresh and healthy this year. He kills himself in practice and Dante Cunningham does the same thing. It’s my job to do the same thing.

On the Coreys:

We’ll always recruit New Jersey because that’s where the bulk of our alumni are from. The history of Villanova basketball, there’s so many great players from New York and New Jersey.

"Corey Stokes and Corey Fisher are the guys that really have a chance to make us a better team. They’re the guys that have made drastic improvements from last year and they’re both talented kids and very, very well coached coming from their high school programs. We’ve got experienced guys up front, those two could make the difference for us this year.