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Villanova 69: :47 Pennsylvania

Corey Stokes makes an entry pass against Penn (AP)

Corey Stokes makes an entry pass against Penn (AP)

Playing in their "Away Blues" for the first time this season, #17 Villanova got 20 points from Dante Cunningham along with 11 rebounds as the Wildcats beat UPenn 69-47. This was Cunningham's 3rd Double-Double of the season. Corey Stokes added 14 to help the Wildcats improve to 7-0.

'Nova almost doubled up Penn in rebounding margin, grabbing 47 rebounds to Penn's 24.

Dwayne Anderson saw some action in the first half but was seen noticably limping during the second half.

Jay Wright after the game:

We haven't been great, but we haven't been beating ourselves... we can get better.

On playing Texas next week:

We need to go away. We need to get really challenged. We need to see what we got. You gotta go up against the big boys to see what ya got.. 

Random Stats

  • 'Nova has won 15 of the last 16 Big 5 games
  • This is the 15th Villanova team to start 7-0
[RayFoyeCombo's YouTube Highlights]