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If You're Not Excited About Dominic Cheek yet... Elite 2009 prospect Cheek should be an instant hit in Philly by Paul Biancardi- ESPN's National Recruiting Director.

Cheek is a marquee player who has tremendous upside because he has all the tools for greatness: size, great athleticism and excellent ball skills. He displays his athleticism on each possession, with or without the ball. Cheek has great speed when filling the lane on the break, and when he receives the ball in transition, he can pull up. He uses his 6-foot-6 frame to shoot over defenders, and he is effective from 3 and in the midrange. Cheek also is an excellent finisher going to the basket. In the offense, he uses his screens and his athleticism to free himself to get space for clean looks at the basket. When playing in a pick-and-roll action, which he will do quite often at Nova, Cheek has the ability to stop behind the screen and shoot it or attack the big man and go by him with his explosive speed.