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Notes and Stats


  • Double Digit Dante: The LaSalle game marked the first time all season that Dante Cunningham did not score in double digits.
  • Long Distance Stokes: Corey Stokes is 3-Point Shooting is impressive. He's 32-for-65 on the season from beyond the arc. As a team, 'Nova is shooting 37.1% from 3. Without Stokes, the number drops to 31.1%.
  • 1000 Point Watch: Dante Cunningham currently has 906 points in his Wildcat Career.
  • Jay Wright is currently sitting on a 158-84 (.653) record as the Head Coach at Villanova.

Statistics (through LaSalle)...


Dante Cunningham 16.7
Scottie Reynolds 13.9
Corey Stokes 12.3


Dante Cunningham 7.6
Antonio Pena 5.4
Reggie Redding 4.8


Scottie Reynolds 4.6
Corey Fisher 3.3
Reggie Redding 2.6


Scottie Reynolds 85.2
Corey Stokes 81
Corey Fisher 77.5


Dante Cunningham 57.6
Antonio Pena 55.8
Shane Clark 51.2
Corey Stokes 49.4


Corey Stokes 49.2
Scottie Reynolds 37.5
Reggie Redding 34.6

Assist/TO Ratio

Scottie Reynolds 1.92
Corey Fisher 1.65
Reggie Redding 1.53

Minutes Played

Scottie Reynolds 31.5
Dante Cunningham 31.2
Corey Stokes 27.0
Corey Fisher 26.3
Reggie Redding 25.5
Antonio Pena 25.4