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Dom Cheek Article in Daily News

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In case you haven't read today's Daily News, check out the Rosy Cheek article about Villanova-bound Dominic Cheek.

The article notes about the area that Dom Cheek grew up in and how St. Anthony's coach Bob Hurley was a guiding force in keeping Dom on the straight and narrow when his environment could have led him astray with "the wrong crowd".

Of the colleges he visited, which included Kansas, Rutgers, Pitt and Memphis, he chose Villanova in part because it invested more effort than any of the others in recruiting him. "They were faithful from Day 1," says Cheek, who adds that he likes the "atmosphere and the people." While he has not yet signed a letter of intent, he plans to do that in the spring.

This article again mentions the book, The Miracle of St. Anthony, the tale of what Hurley has done for the North Jersey high school. Check it out, it's only $4.99 on Amazon, or borrow it from the library if you ever get a chance.