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Corey Fisher Maturing

012809nova11.jpgWe saw him play and drop 38 points OJ Mayo in High School, but Corey Fisher has needed a season and a half of college ball to grow into the player that Villanova fans were expecting to see.

Dick Weiss hits this topic on the head with his article today.

Part of Fisher's maturity is learning to play ina complete team game where he is not the only superstar. This combined with buying into Jay Wright's defense has helped him turn around his play. Fisher notes, "I realized if I wanted to play, I had to stop my man."

To build on this, analytically, Villanova by the Numbers has noted that Fisher is becoming the third option, or the "and one"...

While the and one changes from game to game, Corey Fisher has emerged as the team member most likely to fill that role. Fisher has consistently pulled about 50% of the available minutes while contributing between 20% - 28% of the shots. He converts by and large, efficiently as well. Fisher has been the 2nd/3rd option on offense in 3 of those games.