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Quick Look at RPI and the Tourny

9aa6b918-5d42-495b-aac8-fd5d0dddb868.jpgSince it is February and we can say that March Madness is next month, we'll start looking at Villanova's RPI and SOS more frequently.

Currently, Villanova's RPI is #12 and the Strength of Schedule is #24. Of course these numbers are fluid and have a possibility to change daily, but it gives a good baseline.

Pitt, UConn, and Louisville are the only Big East squads ahead of 'Nova. Marquette is at #13, WVU is #16 and Georgetown is at #18.

St. Joe's (PA) employee Joe Lunardi of Bracketology fame has Villanova as a #6 seed and playing in Kansas City against Baylor. Jerry Palm has VU as a #5 seed playing USC in Boise.