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Maalik Wayns Diary Entry

In his newest Diary entry on Philly Hoops, Maalik Wayns discusses his injury...

I made a layup and came down funny on my leg. I didn’t think about it and kept playing. The official diagnosis is torn meniscus. This has caused me to miss three games so far. I was real upset about not being able to play against Chester because that game was at Villanova. On Wednesday I had surgery and the doctor said it was successful. I’ll be out for 3 weeks rehabbing and then I should be back in time for the state playoffs. This was a minor injury and I want to thank everyone for keeping me in their thoughts... The good thing about my injury is that now I have more time to devote to schoolwork and I’ll use this time to maintain my B average. I’m still in the running to make the McDonalds All-American Game. I found out its down to 30 players. That means 6 more players have to get cut. This would mean so much to me to be considered one of the best 24 players in the country.