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The Wizard of

I have been a regular visitor to for over a year now, and always envisioned legions of Villanova students creating the wonderful and original content posted to this site with such regularity. It was only recently that I learned that a single Villanova alum from the Class of 1998, who I only know by his first name, Mike, is responsible for everything we have come to love about

Impressed by my resourcefulness persuading Montrose Christian's strength and conditioning coach, Alan Stein, to write a couple recent posts for about recruits Mouph and Isaiah, Mike unexpectedly turned to me (a guy who went to Nova before the advent of the PC) to keep the content flowing while he takes a two-week trip to India. My first post as acting Editor & Chief of was the preview of Game 24 vs. Marquette.

I will do my best to live up to my promise to Mike to keep things going, but look to you, the loyal community, to supplement my postings with your own comments. The Wizard will return on February 25th after the Syracuse game. Ed '77