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And That's The Way It Was

I have been at the helm of our beloved for these past two weeks while Mike ’98 (aka the Wizard of has toured the cities and countryside of India. As I write this, I would imagine that Mike is back home taking a long hot bath in fecal matter-free good-old American tap water. Immediately thereafter, he will reassume his rightful place as Editor & Chief, and I will rejoin my fellow Nova fanatics on the reader side of the site.

I have a newfound respect for and appreciation of all that Mike does to ensure that our unquenchable thirst for everything that is Villanova basketball is delivered in a upbeat, timely and quality way. It was not long ago that I relied on the Philadelphia Inquirer to keep track of my beloved Wildcats and endured seven month black-outs between April and November with no substantive news. By contrast, today I know who we are targeting as recruits two years from now and what our chances are of signing them. I know the real reason why Malcolm Grant did not play and why he and Casiem Drummond left the program. I knew the moment Dominic Cheek uttered the words "I choose Villanova." Best of all, I get the opportunity to exchange thoughts all year around with fans almost as obsessed as me.

On behalf of all of us, I thank you Mike ’98 for your effort and unwaivering commitment, mindful that your only earthly reward is the personal satisfaction you gain knowing that you enrich our collective experience as Villanova basketball fans. Also I want to thank my VUHoops friends for your kind words of encouragement and active posting over these past two weeks. I had a ball with you guys and, together, we had a nice run – watching Nova go 3-1. So Mike, I leave it to you to bring us the rest of the way home (which we would like to be nothing less than an Elite Eight).

And That’s The Way It Was On February 22, 2009. Ed ‘77