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Thursday Links

Some links to keep you occupied this afternoon...

  • The Photo Archives for the 2008-09 Season are filling up nicely and are current
  • Jeff Goodman has Jay Wright leading his list of 12 candidates for Coach of the Year
  • Seth Davis has Jay at #9 for Coach of the Year
  • NorthStar Basketball has some new names of Villanova Recruits... Desmond Hubert '11 (New Egypt, NJ), Shawn Oakman '11 (Pennwood, PA), Corey Edwards '11 (Christ the King- NY)
  • Jay Wright on Jim Calhoun winning his 800th: "It’s a number that none of us can even comprehend and I don’t know if he can either….To think about 800 of them is just incomprehensible to me."
  • Cincy coach, Mike Cronin on 'Nova: "Villanova’s a Top 12 team in America…and they get no national attention at all because of the four teams ahead of them in our our conference. They’re an elite team that maybe would win or tie for every other conference in America. They’re in fifth in our league."
  • Article on Mouphtaou Yarou, From West Africa to the City of Brotherly Love
  • Facts on Villanova Sports joins the VU Blogging Community

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