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Bob Hurley Preps 'Nova Fans on Dominic Cheek

Zagsblog conducted an interview with St. Anthony's head coach, Bobby Hurley. Here is what he said about Dominic Cheek on what type of player Dom is...

Dominic is a very versatile 6'6" kid. He can do a little bit of everything. He is fluid. He can guard a couple of positions. He can play a couple of positions a offensively. He play the 2, the 3. He can handle the ball in a pinch if ya need it. The biggest thing he has going is... he had a knee injury coming into the season... so he had tendonitis... so he came into the season and he wasn't ready to play. So it's only taken until the last week where he started to look like the player we expected him to look like. And what he needs to do, almost like every high school kid is graduate from St. Anthony's in May and 1 day later get to Villanova's campus. Eat 4 meals a day. get to the Strength coach. Because he can't get on the floor in the Big East next year unless he gains 15 pounds. It's such a physical league and there are no bad teams there.