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Filed under: Blogathon & Fundraiser for the Randy Foye Foundation

Since we started we have never asked anything from our visitors. This site is operated by folks who love Villanova Basketball for other people who love Villanova Basketball.

There are no fees to access information, to read, to participate. We've never asked for PayPal Donations. There have never been pleas to click on Google Ads. Sure we have some links to products but they have been relatively fruitless as our main focus has been to provide the latest news and information about Villanova Basketball to Wildcat Fans.

Well, that's about to end. Now we are asking for something... but not for It's time to give back to the Community with our first Villanova Basketball Blogathon.

Starting on March 1st through the 25th, will be promoting an online fundraiser and raising awareness of the Randy Foye Foundation.

---Donate Now---

Randy Foye is dedicated to giving back to the community where he was raised in Newark, New Jersey. Having lost both his parents by age six Randy has seen first hand the difficulties kids can have growing up in a tough urban environment. Despite growing up in these conditions, Foye still rose up to graduate from Villanova University and is currently playing in the NBA.

---Donate Now---

The fundraiser is well-timed for the Big East Tournament and the NCAA Tournament when readership is at historic highs. Our Blogathon will end on March 25th when Randy's Minnesota Timberwolves are in Philly taking on the 76ers.

We know the economy is tough, but for the next few weeks we'll be asking you to dig into your wallet and consider making a donation to the RFF. It's simple. It's easy. And you're helping a former Villanovan- the #8 Scorer in Villanova Basketball History- raise funds to develop programs and projects aimed directly at improving the lives of the people, especially the kids, of Newark.

---Donate Now---

The RFF serves as an example of what a grass roots movement can accomplish through special events if everyone is focused on working hard and giving back.

What do you say- who's going to be the next person to donate?